2021 I have been working on Souvenir and multi-layered mixed media project graciously supported by the Ontario Arts Council.


This past fall I completed a mentorship with Yasmine Louis a Toronto based printmaker.


She meticulously took me through various techniques and skills of silk-screening which culminated in working up several experimental and technically focused prints.





Currently working on large spray and oil paintings. Process-exploration-land-new works.


Look for these new works by spring 2021




Stay positive and strong.


Brenna Boyer Chiblow

Age 10

Mississauga First Nation


I wish people can take care of the water because some people have to walk for miles and miles for a bucket of clean water then they need to walk all the way homes and it is sad. So if you see a piece of garbage on the floating around, Pick it up.


Brooke Boyer Chiblow

Age 10

Mississauga First Nation


I feel many people of the world are disconnected with the earth, and thus ourselves, which has led to a place where love is lost. The waters, land and air are polluted, our sisters and brothers are being murdered. As native peoples we must stand up take matters into our own hands because the government and police agencies contribute more to the problem than help.  We have to go back on the land, visit those sacred places, and reconnect with the earth and water and feel the love creation has for all of us.  It is time to pick up our bundles, shakers and drums, sing and pray for the water and the people. Bring the love of all life forward into these trying times, stand strong and proud of our culture, and most importantly to forgive ourselves and others so we can move on in a good way.

Dana Boyer

Age 49

Mississauga First Nation


Shows specific dates to be determined.  Shows are scheduled for 2020-21



 Routes and Passages----Timber Village Museum-September 2012, Blind River ON





 Souvenir, 180 Projects (TBD), Sault Ste. Marie, ON







Women of the North is a two year billboard mural project.  Women from Alogoma Manor Seniors home in Thessalon ON and Garden River First Nation participated in painting and drawing workshops; facilitated by artist Sharon Hunter. 


The project  honour Women Elders and Seniors from the Northern Algoma region. 


Stories reflected personal, community, family which Elders and Seniors explored in their own paintings.  


I drew from collective imagery and designed two 8' x 16' murals that will be installed along HWY 17. The final mural images were approved by the Women.  


Look for the murals while travelling from Blind River ON-through to Sault St. Marie.  


Many thanks to local geneologist Jane Smith, model Jane Oliver who posed for the mural based on stories women shared, my dear artist friend with a very keen eye who supported me with ongoing critiques, Miranda Bouchard;  thank you.   


This project has been generously funded by Northern Art Grant through the Ontario Arts Council 



Nathan Phillips Square

Toronto ON


July 12-14


Zone D  Booth 286