Voyage-HWY 17 Billboard Mural Project-2023 by Sharon  Hunter

Voyage-HWY 17 Billboard Mural Project-2023

"Voyage" depicts iconic imagery conjured from film noir references, lone traveller, and time of reflection as seen in the man at the typewriter. Somewhat of a faint image, like a memory his reflective posture; alone working thoughts into words into the world.
The man walking into an open unknown with his guitar and suitcase; simple pared existence, with his songs. He walks into or past the "vacancy" sign.  Which can be seen and felt as vacant space, freedom, aloneness and as desire to connect with others.  

Both imagery co-mingle as a post-pandemic present memories with an array of past eras and time.
Voyage gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council.