Artist Statement


Born, raised in Toronto. Currently living in Blind River Ontario.  Places I have called home and my work in film, theatre, community and arts education inform my art practice.


Over many years I have relocated myself and possessions recreating from what I think is home.  Things and places intertwining to become somewhat of a mnemonic object or symbol that represents belonging; to the new place of residence.


My art practice, systemic elements from heritage and places of “home” is a continuum of visual makings that attempt to make sense, remember and absorb each place I have lived in.


A three year painting installation project in an abandoned settlers house in the Algoma area I currently reside strongly reflects my exploration of wanting to know, to become closer to understanding from a personal perspective; a meaning and sense of Home. 


The paintings on the walls of a bear in the kitchen, wolves on the stairwell and women Victorian dresses, a child sleeping in a cold bedroom. These paintings as well the house have fallen back into the ground that once held its’ family home. 


Current bodies of canvas and billboard paintings further explore places in the Algoma region. Such as lake Superior, farmland and a main traveling route HWY 17.  Erasure, skewed perspectives and layering are painting techniques used to convey a montage of snap moments.


A Chalmers research project granted a few years ago honed my focus on Land exploration and relationship through an academic lens. This way of seeing and knowing has tuned my awareness to material and conceptual methods of exploration.


Parallelling notions of “home”, heritage and place alongside historic imbued landscape visual renderings are key elemental explorations to my visual arts practice.