Parallel Route-Highway 17 Billboard Mural Project-2014/16


Parallel Route is a 2 year project funded through an Ontario Arts Council Northern Arts Grant.



The project has involved the support of many people and communities: Timber Village Musuem in Blind River, Plummer Additional Township, Bruce Mines and Batchewana First Nation.



The concept behind the 4 Highway murals is to bring public art into a highly visible and travelled location. Traveling by vehicle is part of living in the North where communities are wide spread from each other.


Highways are places of particular signage, road, traffic and advertisements.  But they are also routes of stories. They are mapped roads of  that carry the movement of trade goods, commuters and travellers.  


I was  interested in the Highway billboard spaces as a place for images that can tell a story.  


Each mural is up for the duration of 1 year.  In April, August and November of 2016 each mural will be removed from the Highway sites.


I am currently researching possible home sites for each mural.  This can be Townships, Musuems or private Northern businesses.  


For further information on homes for the Parallel Route murals you can contact Sharon Hunter through the website.